Full Stack , Automated Application Performance Management

Gain critical real-time insights into every user, every transaction across every application

A solid digital customer experience is essential to the future growth and current bottom-line of every organisation today.

With Dynatrace, Fourtitude.Asia ensures you have the best data-driven performance insights needed to build and deliver a superior digital experience to your customers.

What is Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a digital performance monitoring platform that helps our developers, testers and analysts ensure that your applications and/or digital channels work efficiently and reliably. It is currently the only unified application performance management solution in the market, making it the most comprehensive and cost-effective platform for us to help you monitor and optimise application performance and customer experience.

Accelerate innovation, optimize customer experience, modernize operations.

Redefine your organisation’s performance monitoring by gaining visibility into every app, every user, everywhere – all delivered to you through the lens of your end users. Break down internal silos and start optimising customer experiences, revolutionising operations and accelerating innovation with Dynatrace.

Diagnose Problems with Pinpoint Precision

Let us help you determine what works, what doesn’t, and exactly where and why applications break via Dynatrace. We use Dynatrace AI to continuously learn more about your ecosystem, to detect errors and anomalies, and identify root causes.

More reasons to engage our Dynatrace services:

  • Full stack availability & performance monitoring

  • Option to use Dynatrace in-the-cloud, or keep your data on-premises

  • Real-time support via in-product chat

  • Easy monitoring with no configuration

  • Smart analysis & alerting, powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Full scalability – scales with your needs

AWS Performance Monitoring

App-centric AWS monitoring built by people who know the platform firsthand

RDS instances, EC2 instances, ELB instances, EBS volums, S3 buckets.

Gain comprehensive visibility into your cloud-based applications

Optimize resources

Dynatrace gives you full visibility into your Amazon Web Services environment.

Know when you’re running AWS resources at less than optimal levels.

Tweak your AWS environment for your application needs and get the most out of your cloud infrastructure.

Ensure application delivery

Dynatrace shows you whether or not your applications are performing as they should.

Keep up with cloud dynamics and understand your deployments with a real-time map of applications, services, and AWS resources.

Gain confidence

Know that your AWS-deployed applications are delivering the user experience you expect.

Have everything you need integrated into a single monitoring tool. Leverage Dynatrace for true full-stack application monitoring—from real user experience, to application performance, to code-level and infrastructure health.

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