Public Sector Practice High availability computing for the public sector

At fourtitude, we are experienced in creating solutions that help public organisations reach and serve the people effectively and securely, while in compliance with the most demanding and stringent requirements.

Following the best practices for public sector hosting, data protection, network access and more, fourtitude helps public institutions address mission-critical needs, achieve strategic goals, and run day-to-day operations more effectively. We are tech agnostic and have cloud and on-premise solutions that can support virtually any workload.

Whether you are looking to develop custom applications or explore emerging capabilities, our Public Sector Practice team will help you strategise, build, implement and/or manage fully-integrated public sector solutions.

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Our Sector Expertise

Governments & Government-Owned Entities

We help governments and government-owned entities fuel growth and sustainability, improve cost and operational effectiveness, and focus on creating lasting results for constituents – with the security and reliability that such entities need.

We have the skills and competencies to deliver comprehensive digital solutions to federal & state governments, state & city municipalities, government-linked agencies & financial institutions, public utilities, transport authorities and more.

Public Education Institutions

Our public education solutions facilitate the modernisation of e-learning, admissions & enrolment management, and more – helping universities, colleges, and other education clients create better experiences for the modern student.

This includes the storage & analytics of student data, set up of intranets, forums & e-learning portals, data centre migration and more.

Non-Profits & NGOs

With the right infrastructure and performance measurement tools, non-profits and NGOs can operate more effectively and gain an edge over the competition.

Let us help you transform and adapt to the fast-changing digital landscape, advance your cause, manage donor outreach, maximise fundraising efforts and more – making a better world together through technology.

How We Can Help

We provide digital solutions that are secure, reliable and cost-efficient – bringing forward-thinking innovations and improvements to your organisation to maximise performance efficiency and add value to your strategic goals.

Development & Migration

  • Examine your current environment to assess workloads, map parameters & dependencies, detect anomalies, and more.
  • Modernise your IT capabilities by identifying and recommending appropriate technologies and platforms – e.g. single or multi- public/private cloud(s), on-premise, or hybrid solution
  • Provide advice based on project schedule, budget and goals, e.g. full or partial migration, how to size your environment, etc.

Cost & Service-Quality Improvements

  • Provide highly-available, cost efficient IT solutions that are designed to support virtually any workload; adjustable when you need change, without any upfront cost (pay-as-you-go)
  • Analyse and optimise IT spend based on consumption patterns
  • Automate repetitive administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on the core business

Change Management & Cloud Managed Services

  • Provide unparalleled support from strategy to planning to implementation, in order to enable the change(s) your organisation needs to make
  • Predict, measure and manage risks associated with change from day one, and aid in getting organisation-wide buy-in to change
  • Tackle arising issues that may occur during and after development / migration to prevent downtime and/or performance issues

Our Cloud Expertise

Certified by Amazon and Microsoft
Ensure you have the best people for the task. We’re one of two fully-Malaysian AWS Advanced Consulting Partners.
We’re also certified by Microsoft as a Gold Cloud Partner.

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Our experienced Public Sector Practice team can help transform, develop, extend or migrate your solutions, no matter what your needs may be. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the challenging public sector landscape, and improve the lives of citizens together.