Windows on AWS Flexible, scalable compute capacity for Microsoft applications in the cloud

Gain the agility, flexibility and security of the AWS cloud for your Microsoft Windows Server Workloads

Whether you are developing custom .NET applications, or running Microsoft SQL, Exchange or SharePoint servers, Fourtitude.Asia’s AWS certified teams will help you build, deploy, migrate to and manage integrated Microsoft solutions that take advantage of AWS’s global cloud infrastructure.

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Lower Costs, Increase Agility and Improve Security

Reduce TCO

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing the need for hardware management. Pay-as-you-go pricing means you only pay for resources that you utilise

On-demand Availability

Spin up anywhere from one to thousands of Amazon EC2 instances in minutes, enabling you to respond more quickly to business requirements.

Protect Your Workloads

Benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.

Why AWS is the Best Platform for Microsoft Workloads

Flexible Licensing

AWS allows you to bring over your existing Microsoft licenses. You can also access the Microsoft software you need directly; the license is then bundled into the cost of running your Amazon EC2 instance.

Migrate Your VMs

Convert your existing virtual machine images into Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with the VM Import/Export tool at no additional charge. AMIs can be used to run Amazon EC2 instances.

Manage Your Applications

AWS provides a comprehensive set of management tools for your Microsoft Windows Server workloads. EC2 Run Command helps you automate administrative tasks across a large fleet of instances.

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Our AWS certified teams can help you build, deploy, scale and manage your Windows workloads quickly and cost-effectively on AWS.

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