Benefits of a Mobile e-Wallet

For Customers

Transact Anytime, Anywhere
Customers can make payments, transfer funds, manage their e-wallet’s stored value and more, with just a tap or two on their mobile device.

Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing that all customer info & transactional data are stored securely, in compliance with privacy & data protection requirements.

For Organisations

Expanded Customer Base & Revenue Streams
An open-loop e-wallet allows customers to link their debit & credit cards and use it across multiple merchants, allowing you to tap into new customer bases and revenue streams.

Optimised Operational Costs
We can also create a closed-loop e-wallet specific to your business or service. Let customers preload funds and make payments to you directly, reducing costs by eliminating third-party processors.

Key Features

How a Mobile e-Wallet Solution Fits into Your Business Ecosystem

Stored Value & More, On-the-Go

  • Sign-up & e-KYC Submission
  • e-Wallet Summary (Balance & Latest Transactions)
  • Transaction Details
  • Stored Value Top-Up
  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill & Merchant Payments
  • Notifications

Cloud-based or On-Premise Solution

Payment Engine & Back-Office

  • User & Customer Management
  • Customer & Merchant Activation
  • Fraud Check
  • Audit Trail & Reporting
  • Notification Management
  • APIs
  • Security & Data Encryption

How Clients Use Our Product

A prominent Malaysian satellite broadcast provider launched a closed-loop e-wallet app for its customers to pay bills and access other related services.

Did You Know?

  • According to the Global Payments Report conducted by WorldPay in 2017, mobile e-wallets stand to make one of the largest jumps in terms of usage by 2021 – not just in the Asia Pacific region, but worldwide
Source – WorldPay Global Payment Report 2017

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