When organisations make do with legacy or aging systems, they risk running into performance issues at any time. Such systems also tend to require constant trouble-shooting, intricate patching and other modifications to work sub-optimally alongside new ones – gratuitously eating into company resources.

They also often hinder and complicate digital transformation efforts, but upgrading them doesn’t have to be difficult, disruptive, or incur costly downtime. At fourtitude.asia, we can help you update your legacy systems to better align with your present business needs. Once we’ve discerned your goals, our team will look into existing codes and systems to plan out and execute your organisation’s modernisation exercise.

Your legacy systems will be given a new lease on life, negating the need to rebuild entire systems from scratch. This allows you to save on cost as well as lessen or prevent any operational downtime for your organisation.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn how Application Modernisation can help rejuvenate legacy or aging systems.

How We Can Help

  • Examine legacy codes, systems, etc. to determine its structure and complexity, as well as how to improve.
  • Determine if application modernisation is the best solution, and/or beneficial to your organisation.
  • Conduct workload discovery & evaluation to devise a sound integration / modernisation strategy.
  • Perform proof-of-concept tests to validate integration / modernisation plan and pinpoint potential issues.
  • Design, execute, test and deploy application modernisation solution based on your goals, specifications, and budget.
  • Identify, recommend and/or acquire appropriate application modernisation technologies and platforms.
  • Prepare and orchestrate integration / modernisation.
  • Perform post-integration / post-modernisation tests and system checks to ensure that all components are running smoothly.
  • Ensure that a support team is on standby to troubleshoot problems that arise during and after application modernisation.
  • Provide infrastructure maintenance and support after the modernisation exercise, e.g. performance monitoring, troubleshooting, etc.

Looking to Modernise Your Legacy Systems?

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