About The Client

The Asset Management Company was conceived as a joint venture between a member of the FORTUNE 500 and Nasdaq-listed global financial services company in the United States and one of Southeast Asia’s leading universal banking groups.

Today, the company serves over 2 million customers across Southeast Asia.

The Challenge

Apart from the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the government-mandated lockdowns, the Client’s lease on their on-premise data center was due to expire in less that 18 months.

As such, our team is required to plan out and execute a cloud migration strategy that would see us fully migrate 53 applications running on over 140 on-premise services to AWS Cloud within a short period of time.

The Results

By adopting a multi-faceted approach which includes people, processes and technology perspectives, we, the Client, AWS Professional Services and AWS Managed Services (AMS) were able to ensure that the application migration was completed successfully over a nine-month period, all while adhering to the budget.

Next Steps

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