About The Client

Recognised as one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing life insurance companies, the Client was founded as a joint venture between one of the world’s largest financial institutions from the United States and a local bank with its own strong financial heritage in Malaysia.

Today, the Client has an extensive and diverse distribution network that comprises nine locations across the country, a national agency force, and over 400 branches.

The Challenge

As pandemic lockdowns were still in place, communications between us, the Client and the Client’s Application Vendors were limited to online video codes to adhere to government-placed restrictions.

Both sides are also required to work closely with one another to ensure that key information and requirements are conveyed cleared in order to prevent any misunderstandings or errors that may occur during the migration process.

The Results

Despite the lockdown restrictions, all parties involved in the project were able to adopt a multi-faceted approach for this project. By sharing responsibilities and taking ownership on various aspects of the migration program, Uberfusion, the Client and the Client’s Application Vendor were able to successfully deliver the project within the planned timeline and budget.

Next Steps

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