Benefits of Mobile Self-Service App

For Customers

Direct Control & Support
Customers are given direct control – they can access the app at any time to check account and usage details, pay bills, subscribe to services, purchase add-ons, and more.

Relevant, Personalised Content & Rewards
Customers will see personalised and enriched content and rewards, based on their profile and subscriptions.

For Organisations

Cost Reduction
By reducing or cutting out support staff, your organisation will be able to deal with customer issues and service requests at a lower cost.

Positive Interactions & Improved Satisfaction
Self-service enables customers to accelerate their experience and accomplish what they want quickly and efficiently – improving satisfaction levels.

Key Features

How a Mobile Self-Service App Fits into Your Business Ecosystem

One App, Multiple Functionalities
With a mobile self-service app, your customers will be able to access the info and services they need on-the-go. This greatly reduces the operational costs of handling customer enquiries, enabling your organisation to focus on delivering better products and services.

Mobile Application Framework

A Modular Approach
A modular mobile app framework comprises the app’s front-end and a middle layer which works to integrate various disparate systems that provide customer information. This means that your self-care app can be expanded later on to include other systems or modules for better customer care and engagement.

Optional Modules

Development Advantages

Reusable Middle Layer & Web App Integration
The middle layer can be built once and used with apps built for different platforms (iOS / Android). The mobile app portion of the framework can also be expanded using WebView to integrate a host of mobile-friendly web apps. This lowers cost and shortens development cycles, enabling new app features to be rolled out quickly.

How Clients Use Our Product

A prominent Malaysian tier-1 telco launched a mobile app that allows its postpaid customers to access account info, pay bills, download subscriber rewards and more. The app achieved its three-year user target within six months.

Did You Know?

  • App Annie, an app market data and insights company, expects global app store downloads to exceed 280 billion by 20201
  • IBM Watson forecasts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. Customers, especially millennials, are turning away from calling for support – 70% say they prefer messaging and other self-service channels2
Sources – 1: App Annie, 2: IBM Watson

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