Benefits of an Online Self-Service Portal

For Users

Round-the-Clock Support
Customers can log on to the portal anytime, anywhere to perform customer-related tasks, solve issues, and gain immediate access to relevant info.

Relevant, Personalised Content
Customers will see personalised and enriched content based on their profile, activities, preferences, and more.

For Organisations

Cost Reduction
By reducing or cutting out support staff, your organisation will be able to deal with customer issues and service requests at a lower cost.

Positive Interactions & Improved Satisfaction
Self-service enables customers to accelerate their experience and accomplish what they want quickly and efficiently – improving satisfaction levels.

Key Features

How an Online Self-Service Portal Fits into Your Business Ecosystem

Single Portal, Multiple Info Access
With a self-service portal, your customers will be able to access the information and services they need online. This greatly reduces the operational costs of handling customer enquiries, enabling your organisation to focus on delivering better products and services.

Architecture Diagram

Online Self-Service Architecture
A typical online self-service portal allows information access via exposed APIs or a centralised service bus. Our team is highly experienced in integrating against different back-end systems via exposed APIs such as SOAP Web Services, JSON API calls, HTTP methods, and so forth.

How Clients Use Our Product

Did You Know?

  • A Parature study indicates that 90% of customers expect a brand or organisation to offer online self-service. 73% of consumers also want the ability to solve product- and/or service-related issues on their own1
  • According to Harvard Business Review, the process of acquiring a new customer could potentially be 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one2
Sources – 1: Parature, 2: Harvard Business Review

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