We’re often asked, “Why fourtitude.asia?”

The short answer: because we started as a group of four companies. We’ve grown larger since then – and one of the original four companies is now a separate business entity – but “threetitude” and “seventitude” just don’t have the same ring to them.

Why set up multiple companies though?

Early in our history, it was decided that the services we offer were wide-ranging enough that it would be more efficient to keep them separate.

This way, our teams in Uberfusion can focus on SI & Customised Development work while Red Tree employees take care of Cloud, Infrastructure & Networking solutions. Our creatives in fuel would channel their efforts on delivering the best possible Digital Journeys & Experiences.

This allows us to focus each company on delivering great products in niche markets without compromising quality and productivity.

But that doesn’t mean we’re siloed. On projects that require multiple disciplines, we pool resources and work in concert to solve problems using a multiple-perspective approach, allowing us to craft well-rounded solutions that work.

Being separate companies simply means we each are accountable for our part in the grand scheme of things. In a way, we are both working together with, and competing against, each other. We find that makes for great motivation.

How does this impact clients?

Positively. That’s because unlike other companies that promise all-in-one solutions, we don’t outsource. Everything is kept within the organisation, so what we do is never disjointed.

But really, what matters is this:
Despite our myriad backgrounds, we are an incredibly close-knit family. We are a mishmash of technology nerds, artsy-fartsy designers, overly-serious managers and oddball writers – but when we work, we’re a well-oiled machine that delivers solutions that won’t disappoint.

We’re fourtitude.asia –
let’s work together to create what’s next.

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