Benefits of a Secure Payment Gateway

For Users

Customers can choose their preferred payment method, e.g. credit card, debit card, bank transfer.

Customers can store payment details in the system for faster future transactions or set-and-forget recurring payments and subscriptions.

Customers have peace of mind knowing that their data are encrypted and stored securely.

For Organisations

Customisation & Control
System is customisable to your needs; full control means you can attend to issues immediately.

Conversion & Retention
Customers are more likely to purchase and repurchase from your site when checkout is intuitive and secure.

Reduced Risk
System keeps payment details safe and is designed to prevent fraud and lower operational risk.

Key Features

How Payment Gateway Fits into Your Business Ecosystem

Single Gateway, Multiple Payment Methods
By supporting multiple payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and online banking in a single payment gateway system, you don’t need to separately integrate to the systems of multiple banks or payment service providers.

Architecture Diagram

Payment Gateway Architecture
The payment process uses web redirections and API communications between merchant, payment gateway, and bank / processor. Information is exchanged in a secure environment using various methods, e.g. tokenisation to protect the information that is being exchanged.

Security Compliances

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Solution

  • Securing the system’s network
  • Protecting cardholder’s data and not storing CVV
  • Implementing strong access control to the system
  • Maintaining a vulnerability management program within the system

How Clients Use Our Product

A prominent Malaysian satellite pay TV provider integrated our payment gateway system into their e-commerce platform and self-care portal to simplify online transactions and save on transactional fees imposed by payment service providers. The PCI DSS-compliant system is customised to suit their corporate identity and business flows as well as accept multiple payment methods.

Did You Know?

  • According to Nielsen, 57% of online respondents say that they’ve purchased from an overseas online retailer. Therefore, it is critical to cater to the needs of a wide geographic market – this includes having a comprehensive selection of payment methods1
  • A report by Digital News Asia reveals that over 62% of users fear Internet scams. 75% of them expect banks, online payment systems and e-stores to protect their computers and mobile devices from financial fraud2
Sources – 1: Nielsen, 2: Digital News Asia

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