About Hallmark Assets

Hallmark Assets is a HR-centric service provider in the field of Outsourced Business Operations & Processes, focusing in the areas of Office Administration, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Human Resource Management & Processing, Accounting & Financial Services and Legal Advisory.

Their services include the provision and maintenance of office space and facilities in and around Klang Valley, allowing clients to focus on revenue generating processes and operations.

The Challenge

The human resource department in Hallmark was using a dated Microsoft Windows client-server application for resource management that requires manual operation (for example, leave applications must be keyed-in manually).

To boost efficiency and reduce data entry-related errors, Hallmark approached us to accomplish the following:

  • Custom develop a web-based Human Resource Administration & Management System to replace their existing Microsoft Windows client-server application
  • Perform data migration from the existing application into the new web-based system
  • Perform the above two tasks without requiring a heavy investment into CAPEX

The Benefits


“ Working with Uberfusion on AWS has allowed our team’s work processes to be much easier and simpler. We are now more efficient and effective in focusing on serving our customers and spending less time on managing our internal IT. To us, Uberfusion is not just an outsourced vendor, but a partner who guides us in our digital journey.

Ms. Jane Yee
Assistant Manager, Hallmark Assets

Next Steps

We can help you migrate or build .NET-based applications on AWS cloud or modernise existing applications on AWS or your preferred cloud service.

Learn more by visiting our Windows on AWS page or by reaching out to us directly.